Ceramic Coated Pipes and Chrome Stacks
Since the advent of the 2007 Diesel Emissions requirements, exhaust temperatures have dramatically increased on the commercial trucks equipped with diesel particulate filter (DPF) units! The OE's were forced to take measures to combat these extreme exhaust temperatures through the pipes. Many OE designs called for stainless pipes, as well as pipes coated with a ceramic barrier inside and out. Single wall chrome pipes HAD to have a ceramic coating (still do) on the inside so the chrome could take the heat! Without the coating, the chrome would overheat and cause discoloring and premature failure. GRAND ROCK is now offering factory-style ceramic coatings on any of our exhaust pipes. We can coat stainless pipes, chrome pipes (on the inside), or any of our conventional steel pipes. Our distributors can special order any of our pipes this way. GRAND ROCK is the only aftermarket truck exhaust manufacturer to offer this feature at this time! Fight the heat - go with a space-age ceramic thermal barrier from GRAND ROCK!
Grand Rock is proud to announce the introduction of Ceramic Coated Pipes and Chrome Stacks!
Why Ceramic Coating?
1. Ceramic coating is used by the OE’s extensively on 2007 & newer exhaust.
2. Ceramic coating is recommended for parts that are exposed to extreme heat.
3. Ceramic coating is used inside of chrome stacks to reduce the outside temperature of the pipe. Letting you use a chrome pipe on 2007 & newer trucks.
4. Ceramic coating will increase the longevity of the chrome stack.
5. Ceramic coating produces more usable power.
6. Ceramic coating protects parts from thermal fatigue.