Diesel Pickup Exhaust Systems
Covering diesel pickup applications from Ford, GM, and Dodge, GRAND ROCK makes high-performance single stock-exit systems, as well as the finest single and dual in-bed stack kits on the market.

Application years range from 1994-2006 for the single under vehicle stock-exit kits, and can fit all years for the stack kits. GRAND ROCK does not make replacement systems for 2007 and newer DPF-equipped vehicles.

All GRAND ROCK kits are made of corrosion-resistant 16-ga. US-made aluminized steel mandrel-bent tubing. Our single under vehicle stock-exit kits include a 304SS exhaust tip, and heavy-duty welded rod hangers and high-quality clamps.

Chrome stacks (sold separately) for the stack kits are show-quality genuine GRAND ROCK made-in-USA double nickel chrome, NOT cheap imported "flash chrome" that will peel, corrode, or turn color after a short while! You are buying the BEST!

Chrome stacks are available in 5 different styles and diameters from 3" through 8".
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Classic Curved
Aussie Curved
All Stack Kits include ultra-high quality. WFC-series preformed 304 Stainless clamps & high-quality Westfalia 304 Stainless flex hose are included in stack kits. Details are in the catalog.

WHY replace a perfectly good stock exhaust system on your diesel truck? Cardinal rule #1: Diesels HATE backpressure! Diesel pickup owners who have researched performance upgrades to their trucks' exhaust know several things are true.
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1.  Exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) will drop when a better flowing exhaust system is installed - this is a good thing especially when towing.

2.  A larger diameter down-pipe a/k/a Turbo Pipe will allow for greater flow volume, as will a straight-through low-backpressure muffler, & the rest of the pipes in the system as well.

3.  Better flow = more Horsepower, Torque, & FUEL MILEAGE!

* Universal single and dual Stack Kits for pickups include all the plumbing you'll need except the chrome stacks and heat shields.

* All include brackets, 304 Stainless flex and 304 Stainless AccuSeal and WFC Wide Band Clamps.

* Turbo-Back kits are also available which include the down pipe (not pictured here).

* Pick your sizes and styles!
Why buy the POWERFLOW exhaust system?
Precise fit, no need to hammer or "adjust" anything Hammering, prying and "tweaking" required
Remetalized, coated weld area, no premature rust on seams Uncoated welds rust
Deburred 1/2" rod hangers, no sharp edges or burrs (33% thicker) 3/8" wire hangers, rough sharp edges
Welded double saddle, flattened bolt hangers, won't crush pipe Open saddle, round bolt hangers crush pipe
All brackets are zinc plated to prevent rust Raw steel rusts
POWERFLOW uses AccuSeal™ clamps to join pipes together, these don't crush the pipes, exhaust joints are serviceable Round bolt clamps crush tubes together, requires cutting or hammering to service
All tubes are deburred and cleaned, no sharp edges or saw chips Non-deburred ends, sharp edges and saw chips
Beautiful durable chrome tip with a polished stainless clamp that follows the OE angles No chrome, angles out, not OE style
Shipped in 1 heavy duty box to reduce freight costs and damage Multiple boxes and unboxed pipe
Bottom line, a MUCH better kit overall. Fit, finish and quality makes the POWERFLOW kit a better value A little bit cheaper on price, a LOT cheaper on quality
Powerflow Exhaust Kit
Compare OUR clamp on the right with their clamp on the left
Powerflow Exhaust Pipes are made in a variety of shapes
After one season in the snow and ice you can see that our clamp on the right still looks as good as new. Our competitor's clamp on the left has succumbed to the effects of salt and calcium chloride on the road.
Just some of our satisfied customers...