Universal Replacement Parts
Grand Rock is the leader in offering you everything you need to replace your truck exhaust. With over 3,000 part numbers available and climbing, Grand Rock has the largest selection of universal replacement truck exhaust components. No one else in the industry can offer you the same extensive offering of complete truck exhaust systems. All of our exhaust systems are on our shelves so that we can quickly get you what you need, when you need it.

To view our extensive collection of truck exhaust components, just click on one of the links below or open our catalog to see for yourself. Why shop at several locations when you can shop at Grand Rock for all of your truck exhaust replacement needs?
Dump Stacks
Connectors and Reducers
      ○ Tilt Cab Connectors
      ○ Diverters and HB Connectors
      ○ Straight Tubing
      ○ Repair Sections
      ○ Connectors
      ○ Reducers
      ○ Turbo Manifold Adapters
Rain Caps
Clamps and Brackets
      ○ Clamps
      ○ V-Band Clamps
      ○ Brackets
Mufflers and Converters
      ○ Converters
      ○ Chrome Mufflers/Muffler Eliminators
      ○ Universal Mufflers
      ○ High Flow (HF) Mufflers
      ○ Mounting Brackets
      ○ Heat Shields
Air Intake
Emissions Solutions
      ○ Heat Wrap
      ○ Replacement Bellows
Flex Hose